1. Must be Login with username and password, the same set of intranet system u must have preceded Student ID
2. Students who want to use Classes Waitning List. Pre-registration is required and registration information only. If there is no registration, please register using the "Late Registration" in the intranet system and to carry out a bank transfer, then one day it can be used for Classes Waitning List.
3. Classes Waiting List Must be show full section only.
4.The course is not full, please to add a course on the "Add - More Course" in the intranet.
5. When students combine study group and display "Pending" and  re-check approve status later.
6. When display "Approve" please go to intranet use menu "Add-More Course" and then "Save" >  "Lock" >  Print out Payin-Slip with in schedule only.
7. When display "Not approve" The screen will show you that. Disapproval reasons. If have any question please contact faculty only.
8. If you have questions about the registration office to send to Facebook.

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